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A measure for potential (cyclonic) rotating updrafts, calculated for the lowest 3 km of the atmosphere.

Values of 250m**2/s**-2 and greater are considered large and favourable for rotating (supercell) thunderstorms. Useful for determining if thunderstorms could be supercellular (rotating) or not.

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The background shading is the mean of all ensemble members.

The mean temperature from all ensemble members at approximately 1.5 km / 5000 ft above sea level - where the atmosphere is typically considered free from the surface. Useful for knowing if an air mass is cooler or warmer than normal.

The tracks of low pressure centres (with colours representing MSLP depth) from each ensemble member.

ECMWF tracks only show lows of Tropical origin, whereas GEFS tracks show all low centres with associated winds above 22kts Compares the predicted temperature at approximately 30 km above sea level to what we consider normal (a 30 year average from CFSR 1981-2010 climatology).

Useful for highlighting areas of stratospheric warming.

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For most models this shows the total depth of snow and includes melt and compacting processes.

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