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The menu is short, nothing costs more than £8.50, and when you've overdone it (which you will) there is no finer digestif on earth than a glass of mezcal.What to eat: "This place is a bit like Istanbul," is the thought that pops into your head as you enter Yosma on Baker Street.Another of those Press 5 for Refund calls - I didn't pick up the call but they also immediately left a voicemail message, so annoying as you have to listen to the whole message before you can delete it This Irina now called me tonight clamed that she is in Russia and she will not give me her mobile number we both been emailing each other for long time and she clams she is in love with me and once a meeting I think its a scam now Been contacted by someone on a dating site. I've delayed doing so and she called my "safe"mobile from this number. Knew all about my line of work which would have taken days of research. His Facebook profile says he's Civil Engineer living in Waconia Minnesota and working in New York wants to buy a house in London too.Going to play along safely but pretty sure it's a scam. Sneaky bastards, can't remember who she said the company was She has been pursued by a guy called David Willsbrown Civil Engineer. Normally calls her on with held numbers but the last call was showing the Number above.I think it might be a Skype call to a landline, as my Dad then sent me a text message saying he was trying to call me on Skype.

Back in London, they wanted to reverse-engineer and perfect it.He called her asking to try and borrow 20,000$This number is an area used number used by Skype! Skype numbers often use the closest area codes from a main city ie, a Bournemouth skype user can wind up with a Southampton area code and so on!From Bt English department ;)Just received a phone call from this number at hrs (yes, 20 minutes to midnight) on Friday night!So, to celebrate the capital's culinary expansiveness, and also to mark London Food Month (1–30 June), we present our list of the 15 best new restaurants to have opened here in the past 12 months.begrudgingly conducted research shows that international diversity is greater than ever.

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